Tanya Read                   e-mail: tanyaread@yahoo.ca web: www.mrnobody.org



1995    Ontario College of Art, Fifth Year Certificate

92-93  Ontario College of Art, Florence Program, Florence, Italy

88-93  Ontario College of Art, AOCA Diploma

82-87  Etobicoke School of the Arts, OSSGD



2015    Animation with Love 5, Carbon Arc Cinema, Halifax, NS (July)

2014    VS (solo), Pix Film Gallery, Toronto (Nov.)

            TAIS showcase (screening), Toronto, ON (July)

            Field Trip Project, The Maritime Museum of BC, Victoria, BC (June – Sept.)

            Field Trip Project, Idea Exchange, Cambridge, ON (Feb. – Apr.)   

2013    Onagawa AIR Program, Onagawa, Japan (Oct.)

                 Kaze to Tsuchi Art Festival, Aizu Misato, Japan (Sept.)

                 Filmo Corto Festival, Lima, Peru (Aug.)

                 Onagawa Colour and Light Festival, Onagawa, Japan (Aug.)

                 TAIS Anijam, Toronto (May)

                 Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival, Halifax, NS (Apr.)

    2012    Fieldtrip Project, Japan (Aug. – Jan. 2014)

                 Backyard, Toronto (Aug)

                 Toronto Berlin 1982 – 2012, Zweigstelle Gallery, Berlin, Germany (June – Aug.) 

                 Toronto Animated Image Society Showcase, Toronto (June)

2011    Giant Head of Nobody, (solo) Silver Platter Contemporary Art Projects,

               Toronto (Nov. – May, 2012)

            Adventures in Animationland, TAIS/8-fest Residency, Toronto (Oct. – Jan., 2012)

            Paradise Lost, Fly Gallery, Toronto (July-Aug.)

            The Wilding #4, ‘The Regurgitator’, published comic, (May)           

            Profile Building, Owens Art Gallery, Sackville NB (Mar.)

2010    Fly Gallery, (solo) Toronto (June)

            Anti Hero, Trinity Square Video residency, Toronto (Feb.)

            Sequential Desire, Thames Art Gallery, Chatham-Kent (Feb.)

2009    Sequential Desire, Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie, (Nov.)

            The Becoming, Tanya Read, Scott Carruthers, Board of Directors Gallery, Toronto (Nov.)

            Conquest, (solo) York Quay Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (Sept.)

            Sequential Desire, Gallery Lambton, Sarnia (June)

            Frame to Frame, York Quay Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (Mar.)

            The 8 Fest, Trash Palace, Toronto (Jan.)

2008    10 Years of Being Nobody (solo), Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art, Toronto (Sept.)

            Sequential Desire, Kennedy Gallery, North Bay (June)

            Bagaroo, The 8 Fest, Trash Palace, Toronto (Feb.)

2007    Harbourfront Kids Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (Nov.)

            Objects of Affection, Rodman Hall Arts Centre, St. Catherines (Oct. –Dec.)

            Will 100 Artists Draw a 1950 Ford from Memory, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (fall)

            Disaster #2, Alley Jaunt, Toronto (Aug.)

            Flirting with Disaster, Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art, Toronto (June)

            My Square Foot, Koffler Gallery, Toronto (May – July)

            Disaster #1 (solo), Convenience Gallery, Toronto (Feb. – Mar.)

2006    Making Room, group exhibition, Toronto (Dec.)

            The Essential Nobody (solo), screening at Camera Bar, Toronto (Oct.)

            Alley Jaunt, Toronto (Aug.)

Diyan Achjadi and Tanya Read, Forest City Gallery, London, ON (June)

Artist Pick Up, Organized by remo [record, expression and medium-organization],

Osaka, Japan (May)

V-LOUNGE Opening Series - Canadian Videoart Channel vol. 3, Videoart Center Tokyo / Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan (March)




Exhibitions continued

2005    World Video Lounge, Remo Gallery, Osaka, Japan (Nov.)

            Nexus (solo), Natural Light Window, Toronto, ON (Sept.)

                 +Video Awards (group exhibition), Plus Gallery, Nagoya, Japan (July)

                 ‘In the Hole’ (solo), Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art, Toronto (May)

            PPOP!, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto, (Feb.)

    2004    TAAFI art fair, (KM contemporary art), Toronto, ON (Sept.)

            Window Installation (solo), Fly Gallery, Toronto, ON (Aug.)

            Nobody Was Here (solo), Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB (June)

Poster, public art project, Seoul, South Korea (April)

2003      Transcending Nobody (solo), Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art, Toronto (Dec.)

            Splice This Film Festival, Toronto (June)

            Modified 8, (Images Festival) York Quay Gallery, Toronto (April)

            Fools, Florence St. Studio, Toronto (April)

            Useless, Hamilton Artist’s Inc., Hamilton, ON (March)

Media City, Artcite Gallery, Windsor, ON (Feb.)

2002      Nobot (solo), BUSgallery, Toronto (Nov.)

Risa Campaign vol. 10, collaborative performance with Risa Sato, Toronto (April)

            Battle Royale, Art System, Toronto (Jan.)

2001    Anniversary Show, A_Level Gallery, Toronto (Dec.)

            T.V. Dinner with Landscape, YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto (Oct.-Nov.)

2001    Nobody's Business (solo), BUSgallery, Toronto (March)

2000    Long Table Jihad, A_Level Gallery, Toronto (December)

            Transmedia 2000, L.E.D. billboard exhibition, Toronto (September)

            The Nation of Nobody (solo), Fly Gallery, Toronto (July)

            Search, Open Studio, Toronto (June)

            Over and Out, BUSgallery, Toronto (January)

1999    "She Said Boom" bookstore (solo), Toronto (October)

            “Splice This” Film Festival, Ted’s Wrecking Yard, Toronto (June)

            Instamatic, BUSgallery, Toronto (May)

1998    Nobody's Mantra (solo), Tableau Vivant Gallery, Toronto (December)

            Canadian Shield, Toronto (October)

            Impure, Karaoke, Toronto (October)

            Rapid Eye Movement, Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Ont. (June-August)


Professional Experience

2014                Juror, OAC media arts grant, mid career, established artists, Toronto

2013 - 2015    Board Member, The 8 Fest, Toronto

2012                Programming Committee, The 8 Fest, Toronto

1999 - 2011    Co-director, Fly Gallery (storefront window exhibition space), Toronto

2010                Neighbourhood Diaries, teacher, Weston-Mount Denis Boys and Girls Club, Toronto

2007 – 2008    Guest Lecturer, professional practice course, OCAD

1994-1998      Co-founder/member Impure Collective



2014    Ontario Arts Council exhibition assistance (Women’s Art Resource Centre recommender)

2013    Ontario Arts Council Visual Arts Grant

2009    Ontario Arts Council exhibition assistance (Burlington Arts Centre recommender)

2008    Ontario Arts Council Visual Arts Grant, mid career category

2006    Canada Council Travel Grant (media arts)

2005    OAC exhibition assistance (Burlington Arts Centre recommender)

2003    Ontario Arts Council Visual Arts Grant, emerging artist category

2002    Canada Council Visual Arts Grant, emerging artist category

1999    OAC exhibition assistance grant (YYZ recommender)

1998    Toronto Arts Council Special Project Grant (Impure collective)







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